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AI assisted motion rehabilitation instrument

Alginate Dressing

Anti-decubitus inflatable mattress

Butterfly bandages

Capsicum Plaster

cartoon bandages

cohesive bandage

comfort flexible non-woven bandages

cotton sports tape

cotton swabs:single q-tip/double q-tip

detective bandages

Disposable Gel

extra long bandages

eye patch

fabric bandages

fingertip bandages

First Aid Kit For Vehicle Use

First aid kit – for earth quake emergency use

First aid kit – for fire emergency use

First aid kit – for flood emergency use

First aid kit – for medical emergency use

First aid kit – for vehicle use

foam bandages

Gauze Bandage

Gauze Lamination


Hair Loss Treatment Instrument

Heavy Fabric Bandages

Human body positioning pad

Hydrocolloid Dressing

I.V.Dressing- No-woven fabric

I.V.Dressing-PE/PU material

Iodophor cotton swabs

IV Dressing

kinesiology tape

knuckle bandages

Matte Transparent Tape

Medical Disinfecting Wipes/Alcohol Prep Pad

Medical Mask- Childern’s mask with cartoon printing

Medical Mask- Children Maks

Medical Mask-Adult Mask

Non-adherent Pad

non-woven bandages

non-woven fixed dressing

non-woven wound dressing

Ostomy bag

paper tape

PE Material Bandage

Perforated Zinc Oxide Plaster

Plastic bandages

Protective Clothing

Protective mask

PU Bandages

PU Fixed Dressing

Sheer bandages

silk tape

Smart thermometer patch

Sports Tape

spot bandages

TPU bandages

Transparent Wound Dressing


waterproof tape

wet wipe

Zinc oxide plaster

Zinc oxide plaster with metal pack

Zinc oxide plaster with plastic pack


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